›  A device or machine that looks awkward or old-fashioned, ecspecially one that you dont know how to use 
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One of the first things I noticed and feel in love with here inVietnam were the contraptions you find….. everywhere. In every corner and district of the cities. In every square kilometer of countryside you will find dozens of weird and wonderful but ever so practical contraptions.

Being a mechanic back in my homeland and having a love for strange things, I am drawn in wonder whenever I see a rusty, oily and beautiful beast putting along the streets, or often hiding from the midday sun under a tree.

Does it still run? Has it been abandoned? Definitely not. The seat is missing, so are the pedals and half the floor. All the lights are all smashed in and the doors are literally hanging of it. As it goes down the street (over-loaded with timber or several pigs) it bellows smoke like an old steam train does steam & the noise is absolutely deafening. Maybe they should replace that muffler and get the diesel pump serviced? Surely that can’t be roadworthy! But it will keep its noise and smoke and continue working like that for years as the noise or smoke doesn’t offend anyone.

Rest assured that what seems as it might be ready for the scrap heap, given love & respect like any family member and regular repairs, these steel & timber contraptions will keep working harder and longer than I will.

Below are some of the more memorable contraptions I have found:

Such a beauty – found this tanker in Ca Na. I don’t know if it was for water or fuel, or maybe even fish sauce!
Such a sexy profile. I could crawl over this thing for hours if it wasn’t for the people looking at me strangely, thinking”what is he interested in that old thing for!?”
This is at a wedding in Dak Lak province and is one of my favourite photos. This beast of burden was owned by the family.
Many on these strange 2-stroke engined vehicles can be found around the southern areas of Vietnam. This rare example actually has lights!
This example was at the My Tho Tet flower market. I was hoping to be offered a turn to drive 😦
I think this beautiful bike with its rear rack, extra suspension and old worn body fits into the contrapiton category quite well.
These are found everywhere carting everything from bricks to rice and sometimes even a family member! Strong, noisy and always blow lots of smoke over everyone in their wake – the contraption, not me…..
This was on a construction site for a new bridge, so I am assuming its still in working order!
This was on a construction site for a new bridge, so I am assuming its still in working order!
I found this naked beauty on the roadside in Binh Thuan Province
I found this naked beauty on the roadside in Binh Thuan Province

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