Christmas in Saigon

I’m definitely not what you’d call a religious bloke, not in the slightest, but I must admit I always find myself magnetically drawn towards places of worship.  Be it a pagoda, temple, mosque or church there is a sense warmth and love I feel in any prayer house and whilst I personally have no devotion to any god, … More Christmas in Saigon

Thich Quang Duc – A Vietnamese Matyr

It’s a very well known image in my circle of friends and I’ve little doubt that most of my generation are quite familiar with it too. Way back in 1992 Rage Against the Machine brought out their self-titled album and the image this was displayed on the front cover. Since then it’s become symbolic of the legendary metal band, but who can … More Thich Quang Duc – A Vietnamese Matyr

Cao Dai – A Religion Based On Other Religions

Introducing to you to a very small & one of the oddest religions I had ever heard of,  Cao Đài . Comparing it to some others out there like Scientology, mormonism or even Catholicism for that matter, it’s not weird at all. Cao Dai’s birthplace is in southern Vietnam when in 1926 a humble colonial servant … More Cao Dai – A Religion Based On Other Religions