The Timeless Beauty of a Hoa Mai Apricot Blossom

I’ve never been a big fan of flowers, is probably something most guys would say. Particularly for us Aussie men, our masculinity levels are sky high in the macho land Down Under and flowers are generally reserved for appreciation by females and homosexual men. After an inner battle with myself, spurred on by a goal to help the constant struggle for … More The Timeless Beauty of a Hoa Mai Apricot Blossom

Christmas in Saigon

I’m definitely not what you’d call a religious bloke, not in the slightest, but I must admit I always find myself magnetically drawn towards places of worship.  Be it a pagoda, temple, mosque or church there is a sense warmth and love I feel in any prayer house and whilst I personally have no devotion to any god, … More Christmas in Saigon

Things not to do in Vietnam #1: “Crossed fingers”

The act of crossing ones fingers is a common one to many ‘Western’ cultures but I had a little trouble once trying to explain it to some ‘Eastern’ English learners. I tried describe it in simple terms as a type of wishing someone ‘good-luck’ but later I realised that it’s actually more than that. It’s … More Things not to do in Vietnam #1: “Crossed fingers”

A lesson learnt

I felt pretty smug as I shook of a strange woman in my alley last night only to feel like a right tool a few short hours later. When I realised what she had actually wanted, I felt somewhat ashamed that I had been so judge mental. So the story goes….  I was walking back … More A lesson learnt

Vietnamese are stronger

“Steel tempered by fire and ice will be harder and will overcome all trials” – Nikolai Ostrovsky, How the Steel Was Tempered I’m sure I think about it too much. More than any relatively sane person should, anyhow. Not steel that is, but the tempering of our World’s societies and cultures. These days, it’s the differences … More Vietnamese are stronger

Hey Sister!

Geographically it’s not but it’s referred to as ‘The West’ (from where civilisation originated). The country I call home is Australia and the other day I was thinking the other day of how I’d greet an older lady at home or in “The West”. So, not an old lady, but an OLDER lady. I’m alllmost thirty, … More Hey Sister!