A lesson learnt

I felt pretty smug as I shook of a strange woman in my alley last night only to feel like a right tool a few short hours later. When I realised what she had actually wanted, I felt somewhat ashamed that I had been so judge mental. So the story goes….  I was walking back … More A lesson learnt

Vietnamese are stronger

“Steel tempered by fire and ice will be harder and will overcome all trials” – Nikolai Ostrovsky, How the Steel Was Tempered I’m sure I think about it too much. More than any relatively sane person should, anyhow. Not steel that is, but the tempering of our World’s societies and cultures. These days, it’s the differences … More Vietnamese are stronger

Hey Sister!

Geographically it’s not but it’s referred to as ‘The West’ (from where civilisation originated). The country I call home is Australia and the other day I was thinking the other day of how I’d greet an older lady at home or in “The West”. So, not an old lady, but an OLDER lady. I’m alllmost thirty, … More Hey Sister!

The most beautiful pyjamas you will ever see

One thing that grabbed my fascination when I first travelled Vietnam was the fashion and in particular the womens. It can be so unusually unique, amazingly colourful, incredibly sexy but hilarious all at the same time. Another plus is that most of the time it’s as practical as a hook on a fishing line and as comfortable as freshly ironed … More The most beautiful pyjamas you will ever see

Nước Mía – sugarcane juice – a drink like no other

Im going to introduce you to a drink that has got to be in the running for most delicious drink on the planet and as 100% pure as you can get. This is a thirst quencher to absolutely smash every wanna-be thirst quencher out there. Forget water, throw away the lemonade, you can keep your … More Nước Mía – sugarcane juice – a drink like no other

Hột vịt lộn – an egg for the true carnivore!

The humble Hot Vit Lon is definitely not a snack for the faint hearted – in saying that it is actually much more delicious than it initially seems. In a country renowned for it’s street food, it often gets overlooked. I admit, it sounds disgusting – a half formed duck fetus boiled inside its unhatched egg … More Hột vịt lộn – an egg for the true carnivore!


CONTRAPTION /kənˈtræp.ʃən/ ›  A device or machine that looks awkward or old-fashioned, ecspecially one that you dont know how to use           One of the first things I noticed and feel in love with here inVietnam were the contraptions you find….. everywhere. In every corner and district of the cities. In every square … More Contraptions